Hmmm Unpacking of the Flipping Floppers

Hmmm Unpacking of the Flipping Floppers

Hmm what's in the box? Bright and colourful.. Perfect for feet.... The Artist Anon Flipping Flopper. Whole boxes full of flops that flip for your feet.. In greens, yellows, reds, blues, pinks and purples Nice!   Available in store or online now!

Been a busy few years

It's been a busy few years.  So I through this together showing some of what we have been up to...  

Been playing with gif's

First test. Lets see what we can do with them!

Artist Anon Messenger Bag

A new addition to our line up has arrived the AA messenger bag. do you feel it?

Artist Anon Leather Goods Now In Shop

Just got in our own label range of leather goods to the shop. They have been made by my friend the fantastic leather-smith Mrs Hyde. Using only the best materials she hand cuts and hand stitches all of her work. We are very privileged that she was willing to make us this fantastic range of belts and wallets.